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Stress is personal and certain people seem especially vulnerable to its effects. Almost anything can trigger severe stress; some triggers are obvious – for example bereavement, divorce, moving house and illness. Others are less apparent going to doctors, dentist, driving, and work, . Even holidays – the very time when we are supposed to relax – can be stressful. Fear, boredom and uncertainty also contribute.

Identifying stress, headaches, migraines, neck pain, dizzy spells, crying, sleep problems, unable to cope, feeling bored and depressed. We all want and wish for a stress free life.
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Stress busters. 1. Admit to yourself no one is perfect.    2.Set realistic targets.   3.Allow 30 minutes per day me time.   4.Have a sense of perspective, (if someone does not say hello it does not mean they dislike you.  5.Slow down, listen and speak slower.   6. Drink less caffeine and eat proper meals slowly and not doing anything else at the same time.   7.Love yourself, if you don’t no one else will.

Please note,    it is very important that you first check with your doctor or medical advisor to see if there are any underlying medical problems before carrying out any of the treatments we suggest.

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Learn how to free yourself from stress and live healthier.

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Stress is a fact of the way we live today and the pace we live our life at,  Stress affects everyone no matter how much we deny it. Some people just look as if nothing affects them and look so laid back that they look like they are free from all worries and cares.
Is there such a thing as a stress free life. For those wishing to change their lifestyle and
live stress free, keep up to date with the latest ideas on coping with stress.

Coping with stress.  There are many ways to cope and deal with stress. such as Relaxation Lessons, Hypnosis,  EFT,  Reiki,  Reflexology, Visualisation and Stress Management Training.  These are just some of the treatments on our web page and blog being offered. We will also offer training for those wishing to become therapist to help others cope with stress.

Free advice. Before deciding which treatment is for you, we will give you advice free, just
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We will send you a stress test form to fill in and and send you our advice completely free of charge.